Documentary Projects

I worked with Red Diaper Productions in 2002, developing funding proposals for my film POWER TRIP, about the monumental transition of post-Soviet Georgia to a capitalist system.  The film  became very successful, screening internationally, winning 10 film festival awards and receiving an Independent Spirit Nomination.
Working with Wanda in the early stages, helped me organize and articulate my vision for the film. In essence Wanda helped me discover what POWER TRIP was really about.
Paul Devlin, Director, NYC


BLACKS & JEWS (1997), TREMBLING BEFORE G*D (2001), POWER TRIP (2003), SONYA (2006), AFGHAN WOMEN; A History of Struggle (2007), DEAF JAM (2012), GOOD PEOPLE GO TO HELL, SAVED PEOPLE GO TO HEAVEN  (2013)


Using his iPhone, a then 46   year-old man chronicles his descent over 2 years (2010-2011) into late onset schizophrenia and his struggle to deny his deteriorating circumstances.  With the iPhone material his filmmaker sister is making an unusual first-person point-of-view documentary. The film will Illuminate difficult  issues re; the diagnosis, treatment, funding of social services, interaction with law enforcement,  financial  burden on the family, all  driven  by the generally negative perception of mental illness.
Work in progress documentary
  PRECIPICE (working title)(1 hr)
Enormous changes in technology are upending all the ways we produce, disseminate, and preserve knowledge. We are in the midst of the bi trnsition in knowledge and education since Gutenberg invented the printing press. Some people are excited by the new possibilities, while oterhs worry about “informational illiteracy”. Precipice (working title) will explore where we are, how we got here, and what the future may hold. Key issues are what we can learn from previous information “revolutions” and how this will affect every aspect of knowledge, including access, literacy and education.
Reflections of a Radically Right-Wing Composer (90 min)
Most people know of Galt MacDermot as the composer of Hair, the American tribal love/rock musical that took the world by storm in 1968.  What they may not know is that MacDermot has also created  an astounding array of music over nearly half a century that includes musicals, film scores, song cycles, jazz pieces, opera and works for ballet.  Reflections of a Radically Right-Wing Composer) will be a survey of Galt MacDermot’s life and musical career, as well as a performance of half a dozen songs. Key themes are the spiritual aspect of MacDermot’s music and the influence of African and African American culture on his music.
Questions for Crazy Horse: Hypothetical Conversations with the Strange One (90 min)
A feature length examination of the myth of one of the most famous Oglala Lakota Sioux warriors of the last two centuries . Crazy Horse  was assassinated while still in his thirties, never allowed his picture to be taken, and was never defeated on the battlefield by the United States military. This film takes an introspective look into how American Indians perceive him and what questions they would have for him concerning contemporary problems if he were alive today. The film also features the Crazy Horse Memorial, the largest rock sculpture in the world being constructed in the Black Hills.
The film will be an hourlong account of the extraordinary life and courage of Rene  Gimpel, as a pioneer art collector, a  business man and as a leader of the French Resistance against the German occupation. We intend to base the film in part  on the  journal kept by  Gimpel l for twenty-one years, from 1918, the end of  World War I, until 1939, the beginning of the  World War II —  when he saw his sons mobilized. A fascinating account, the diary documents in detail the art, social & political  history of his times.
THE WORLD WE WANT  (1 hr doc)
The World We Want follows students tackling critical issues around the world including banning teenage gambling in Russia, fighting taxation of silversmiths in Indonesia, creating a community constitution in Colombia, securing clean drinking water in Senegal and more. The film documents the young citizens’ struggle to convince local and national leaders to enact vital legislation, and takes viewers into the homes, schools and neighborhoods of the young people to interact with their friends and family members
In Search of Henrietta (1 hr)
A portrait of Henrietta Szold  who  founded Hadassah in 1912, a Zionist organization that inspired hundreds of thousands of Jewish women to invest their energies in social activisim.  She was  a major force in the development of Zionism in Palestine: she established its health care system, treating Jews and Arabs equally, shaped its education and initiated social services that prevail today. She is perhaps best known for  helping  organize Youth Aliyah, which successfully rescued 11,000 Jewish children from Germany and Nazi-occupied Europe during the 1930s and transported them to Palestine.
TALKING STICKS is an engaging and lively documentary about advancing cross-cultural understanding through musical collaborations. The film narrative is structured thru specific projects undertaken by world-renowned keyboard percussionist Arthur Lipner in Ghana, Brazil, and Norway.
OUT ON A LIMB  (1 hr Doc)
A story of the intriguing  & liberating technology of almost futuristic prosthetics that allow people who might have once been shut-ins to go out and lead active and satisfying lives.  A fascinating portrait of how this advanced technology can literally change people’s lives, the film examines as well the urgent issues of access and cost for people here and abroad.
Gobbo Films, LLC, and Producer/Director Holly Hardman’s documentary feature explores the lives and beliefs of fundamentalist Christians along the Gulf Coast who are recovering from the devastation of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.
THE WAR WITHIN (1 hr doc)
The War Within” is about the survival of Afghanistan as a democratic society based on a functioning economy. Exploring the story of Karzai, the warlords/drug lords, the Taliban, and the poppy, the documentary delves into the complex and corrupt world of opium and heroin production & drug trafficking which funds the Taliban, Al Quida and terrorism.

Co-directed by Heather Mosher and Wendy Kohn who gave a camcorder to the Village and taught them the basics of filmmaking, providing them with the tools to tell their own stories, to document their own journeys to gain dignity and respect. Through the stories of a core group of Villagers, the directors and the Villagers themselves capture the drama and dreams of a group of people fighting to survive and become a community.
SYLVIA (1 hour Doc)
Through the story and the experiences of famous political activist, Silvia Baraldini, who worked with several dissenting groups and was later imprisoned for 24 years in the US, and in Italy – the film examines the history within the US of unlawful tactics used by the state to harass and imprison not only individuals who participate in movements for change which challenge the status quo (civil rights, anti-war, etc). but also people who are identified as “suspicious” on grounds of race, religion and/or association with dubious groups.
Evvy Eeisen is a Bay Area photographer specializing in black and white, natural light, environmental portraits. Multiply by Six Million is the culmination of her fifteen-year project photographing Holocaust survivors and collecting their personal stories. Widely seen in the US as a traveling exhibition, she selected portraits and stories to create this DVD.
SONIA (1 hr doc)
SONIA is a documentary about the life and art of the Russian Avant-Garde painter, Sofia Dymshitz-Tolstaya (1886-1963), known familiarly as Sonia.  From the recently re-discovered diaries, letters and the account of her granddaughter, the extraordinary story of her life and work has emerged, along with many of her paintings. Through these, the film portrays how SONIA was able to survive materially and spiritually, and to retain her humanity and soul amidst the massive historical upheavals in 20th century Russia.

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