About Us

Wanda Bershen, founder of RED DIAPER PRODUCTIONS, has programmed  taught and written about  film, video, art  and television for over 25 years.
She has worked with many arts, educational & cultural organizations, setting up media arts funding programs for the Pennsylvania Arts & Humanities Councils and working with cultural organizations both state-wide and nationally. She was a founding Director of the National Alliance of Media Arts Centers (NAMAC), and has been a Management & Marketing Consultant for numerous organizations in the US and abroad for arts, educational & media projects.
As Program Director of CUNY-TV, she organized some of the earliest series on TV with international subtitled film & video as well as pioneering collaborative series with The Kitchen, Goethe Institute, and other New York City cultural institutions.
As Director of The National Broadcast Archive at the Jewish Museum she founded the New York Jewish Film Festival with the Film Society of Lincoln Center, developed new program series & symposia, developed the first collection policy & long range plan for the Broadcast Archive, as well as supervising the design of all new technical facilities & setting up the Goodkind Resource Center for the museum’s renovation & re-opening in 1993.
In recent years she has worked extensively with documentary projects – consulting on fundraising, distribution and outreach.  Her articles about documentary address issues  of ethics, pitch forums, raising funds, and include reviews of current films and their reception.
She has taught at Rutgers University, Temple University, Philadelphia College of ArtNYU & CUNY/Baruch  in the Arts Management Program. Her writing has appeared in Art In America, Artforum, The Boston Review, Afterimage,  The Independent, and Documentary (IDA publication)
“Having worked with Red Diaper Production and Wanda Bershen for six years, I wanted to express my appreciation of your accomplishments. The three Dutch film weeks and the Educational project we presented in NYC have been so well planned and executed, bringing us truly excellent press coverage and invaluable US industry contacts. Your work in helping to secure funding, presenting and marketing the Joris Ivens film retrospective throughout the US and Canada so successfully was also invaluable. These projects have become essential to our marketing of Dutch films in the US.
I can recommend RDP without reservation for any project requiring creative and targeted marketing, truly effective PR materials, and a genuinely intelligent working relationship.”
–Claudia Landsberger, Managing Director
Holland Film, Amsterdam (Netherlands
“I worked with Wanda Bershen for several years at The Jewish Museum and have always been impressed with her ability to conceptualize and manage complex projects; shaping creative and groundbreaking programs, overcoming fundraising hurdles and tapping into the right audiences to ensure critical and public success.
She is a talented and dedicated professional, who brings a wealth of expertise that from her extensive work with diverse arts, cultural and educational organizations.”
–Grace Rapkin, Director of Marketing
The Jewish Museum, NYC
“What a pleasure it was to work with you on Joris Ivens last year. Your Ivens program turned into a big success for us, due in no small measure to the careful attention to countless details of organization and presentation. Red Diaper Production is to be congratulated. The Ivens package had both intellectual merit and high quality prints, worthy of an art museum. The catalogue was thoughtfully composed and the press materials were excellent.”
Peggy Parsons, Curator, Film Program
National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.

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