RED DIAPER PRODUCTIONS is a specialized marketing and programming company for arts and cultural organizations with particular expertise in working with film, video and media  projects.
Services for media include programming, distribution, outreach and fundraising for selected projects.
We specialize in DOCUMENTARY Fundraising, Distribution and Exhibition
Wanda Bershen
New York, New York 10009 Emil: reddiaper@mindspring.com

3 Responses to Home

  1. Dan Cohn says:

    A private note:
    WB eyes only

    I recently, during a late stage “crise de nostalgie”, signed up with
    The Classmates site and found 2 autographs by you in my guest
    Book, both from yrs. ago, was very moved, and am taking a liberty
    To say hi on your biz site, not content to leave my Classmates note
    Unread for who knows how long. If you like, we can catch up some,
    exchange pics etc. It’s only been some 34 yrs. since a very sad phone
    conversation, for which I take the blame (there should be a bozo prize for most
    delayed apology ever). Time has humbled the proud, and is thankfully
    Not yet finished.

    A warm hello,


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